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Every day the worldwide economy burns an amount of energy the planet required 10,000 days to create....We need a different kind of growth, one that reduces and changes the inputs of raw materials and energy, and simultaneously eliminates the outputs of waste. 

- Paul Hawken, The Ecology of Commerce

What's New...

ISF is also working with ECO Forum and CEE Web in organizing an NGO pre-conference this October on SPAC and Biodiversity at the Enviroment for Europe meeting in Belgrade.

Finalizing the EU regional SCP action plan. This September ISF will join experts meeting in Ljublyana, Slovenia.

NGOs play greater role in Marrakech Process, begining with Stockholm meeting on 10-Year Framework. In the opening of the NGO Forum, ISF gave the presentation "Setting the Context: A Short History Behind the 10-Year Framework." [PP]

NGO organizing on SPAC in Central Eastern Europe

ECO Forum NGO Strategy Meeting: SPAC Issue Group meets to prepared for Environment for Europe process

SPACES Working Group meetis in Chiang Mai - Dialogues on Linking Research to Action



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